IISi is a developer of purpose-built data warehouse solutions involving massively parallel processing data warehouses and very large amounts of data. Beginning with its breakthrough geospatial technology, the Company's products are backed by a strong engineering competency, led by technology founders Marshall Peterson and Rich Zimmerman who have consistently demonstrated thought leadership and innovation within the data-center, data warehouse and spatial analytics sectors. The Company has built substantial libraries of critical trade secrets and patented methods and devices. IISi serves customers in telecommunications/cable, automotive, finance, retail, insurance, and defense/security – including mobile applications. Its products are licensed or resold by manufacturers of data warehouse hardware and analytics software value-added resellers. IISi was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Boston, MA.

IISi combines its superior data warehouse power with flexible software solutions that enable the company to serve multiple vertical markets:

Geospatial Analytics – IISi is the developer of geospatial (GIS) products targeting a number of leading data warehouses. These products perform Geospatial Analytics on data sets previously thought too large to analyze. IISi continues to improve on these products and is breaking new ground in the high speed analysis of large geographic data and real-time geographic analytic solutions. IISi has hands on experience developing GIS applications covering the following industries:

  • Finance and Insurance
  • Business GIS
  • Telecommunications
  • Government

Inferential Analytics – The principals of IISi have years of experience developing systems to infer conclusions beyond the immediately accessible raw data. These inferences have been applied in the following industries:

  • Internet user analytics
  • Television viewer analytics
  • Voter inference
  • Donor analytics

Life Sciences – IISi co-founder Marshall Peterson designed and built the IT supercomputer systems that mapped the first genome in the data center, not a lab. IISi creates the kinds of flexible and adaptable systems that will be required in life science applications:

  • Automated patient records including genomic data
  • Drug discovery
  • Diagnostic tools