About Us

IISi uses massively parallel processing data warehouses to create market-leading solutions for the data analytics market.

IISi spatial products have redefined the boundaries of location-based analytics. IISi’s GPU Spatial accelerates the process of bringing together location and business data in a business intelligence environment. IISi provides access to all the data a customer collects for analysis in a much faster, simpler and cheaper manner. It combines both greater processing power and seamless integration in the analysis of spatial and non-spatial data. Beginning in 2006 with its market-leading Spatial for Netezza (now IBM), the IISi SQL extension architecture conquered traditional data warehousing and BI performance challenges and enabled hundreds of customers to harness the power of massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouses by putting their most critical application knowledge “on database.”

The Company's products are backed by a strong engineering team, led by technology founders Marshall Peterson and Rich Zimmerman, which has consistently demonstrated thought leadership and innovation within the data center, data warehouse and data analytics sectors. Over the past few years, led by Rich Zimmerman, the Company has created extensive libraries of trade secrets and patented methods and devices. IISi technology serves customers in:

  • telecommunications/cable,
  • automotive,
  • finance,
  • retail,
  • insurance,
  • biomedical, and
  • defense/security

IISi also enables mobile applications that serve several of those vertical markets. Its products are licensed or resold by manufacturers of data warehouse hardware and analytics software VARs. IISi services group headed by Marshall Peterson also designs and manages end-to-end integration solutions for major customer projects.

The data analytics field is in crisis because the world is drowning in information and it is often very difficult to separate the good data from corrupted data. IISi generates more processing power and uses it to ensure accuracy and reliability. Quality control processes are integrated into the solutions.