IISi develops leading-edge technology that solves big problems.  The Company uses massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouses to analyze very large quantities of data in an analytics market that will approach $10 billion by 2015.  IISi exploits the power of GPU chips in order to shatter current industry paradigms by factors of 500 plus.

IISi was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Boston, MA. IISi is a small business that has achieved significant milestones in a short time period without any external investment.  The lean IISi team qualified as #50 on the INC 500 list of fastest growing private companies in the United States in 2011. 

IISi principals have decades of industry experience and have served Fortune 500 companies and major institutions – including Intel, IBM, HP, Motorola, AMD, Comcast, AT&T, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and agencies of the United States government in providing solutions in the genomic, health, insurance, telecommunications, finance, semiconductor manufacturing, and security/defense sectors.