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IISi services deliver special features and complete solutions;

Netezza solutions are key focus

Boston, Mass. - December 12, 2008 - Intelligent Integrations Systems (IISi) has announced a line of service packages designed to deliver full development and integration services for the data warehousing industry. The IISi solutions will initially focus on geospatial implementations.

"One size doesn't fit all," said IISi CEO Paul Davis. "There are great standard tools on the market, but most customers need specialized services that fit their business needs. We offer full solutions for customers, not just boxes."

Netezza geospatial implementations are IISi's first strategic focus. As the developer and technology source of Netezza's "Spatial" product, IISi is the only integrator and full-solution developer capable of providing extensive additional functionality to Netezza Spatial installations. Netezza delivers the industry's leading data warehouse appliances; IISi utilizes such appliances to deliver complete customer solutions.

Complete Geospatial Solutions

IISi is a best of breed integrator, product developer, and custom solutions provider. IISi offers integration and custom services that utilize the leading MPP data warehouse platforms for specific solutions. IISi has special capabilities related to Netezza.

IISi created "Netezza Spatial," now marketed exclusively by Netezza as an extension of their market-leading data warehouse appliance. IISi, as possessor of underlying technology, is the only developer and integrator capable of creating fully-functional special applications - including special solutions that simplify the process of bringing location and business data in a business intelligence environment.

IISi offerings solve problems applications include geospatial analysis, geospatial data fusion, and geospatial visualization/mapping custom features.

  • Geospatial connectors for ETL and BI tools. IISi has produced a suite of seamless integration modules that ensure efficient operation and analysis of spatial and non-spatial data with leading ETL, GIS, and BI/visualization partners including Intergraph, MapInfo, Safe Software, Autodesk, ESRI, and Oracle.
  • Custom 3-D solutions. Using leading commodity massively-parallel processing data warehousing platforms, IISi can provide custom 3D analytical solutions for an entire range of geospatial information beyond the normal 2D or "2 ½ D" capabilities of other vendors.
General IISi Data Warehouse solutions

Using best of breed components - including Netezza - IISi offers product re-sales and OEM packaged solutions. The Company has led the design, build, and integration of complete data warehousing solutions for challenging applications. Customers have included the Democratic National Committee and the largest resort casino in North America. Special application areas include geospatial, retail/hospitality, gaming, voter, biomedical patterns, data integration/hygiene, social networking, insurance risk analysis, media analysis, and telecommunications.

IISi offers full solutions that include integrated Netezza NPS systems tuned to meet specific customer challenges. The Company develops special "onstream" solutions on the Netezza system that enable advanced analytics (retail/gaming/telco), custom marketing statistics, what-if pricing scenarios, complex aggregation, risk profiling, consumer usage analysis, voter analytics, best call routes, pattern analysis and predictive analytics, URL pattern matching, and other special solutions.


IISi has been a leader in developing application products for the data warehousing industry. Last August, Netezza and Intelligent Integration Systems, Inc. ("IISi"), announced a multi-million dollar exclusive licensing transaction for the first two partner application products for Netezza, the leading data warehousing appliance company.

IISi has created technology solutions that significantly expand the Netezza accessible market. The agreement will enable Netezza to fully exploit the potential of the IISi developed products. The marketing agreement also included:

  • The Geospatial Toolkit for Netezza, which provides an enormous leap forward in functionality for a $500 million market segment relating to MPP (massively parallel processing) geospatial solutions in the data warehousing industry; and
  • The Extended SQL Toolkit, which adds significant new SQL functionality to the Netezza platform in areas including XML, encryption, hashing, text analytics, regular expressions, compression, encoding, date and time, array/collection functions, and data mining - including fuzzy matching.

"Rich Zimmerman, Chief Technology Officer of IISi, and his team have proven to be leaders in MPP application development for the data warehousing industry. We look forward to their next contributions," said Justin Lindsey, Chief Technology Officer of Netezza in a September 2008 release.

"We have had a great sales partnership relationship with IISi and expect more successes," said Netezza Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales Ray Tacoma, also in the September release.

About IISi

Intelligent Integration Systems, Inc. or "IISi" offers full data warehouse solutions utilizing commodity massively-parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse platforms. IISi develops software products and systems solutions that manage, analyze, and clean large volumes of data in faster and more cost-effective ways. IISi software and integration designs unleash the power of a new generation of massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehousing platforms to enable key applications to run 10 to 100 times faster than with traditional solutions. IISi was founded in 2005. IISi principals have more than a decade of experience serving Fortune 500 companies and major non-profits - including Intel, IBM, HP, 3M, Motorola, AMD, Comcast, AT&T, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the Democratic National Committee. Those systems have served the genomic, health, biotech, consumer intelligence, finance, and semiconductor manufacturing sectors." For more information, please visit

About Netezza Corporation

Netezza Corporation (NYSE Arca: NZ), the global data warehouse appliance market leader, enables enterprises to make all of their data actionable - quickly, simply and affordably. The Netezza Performance Server family of products delivers breakthrough performance, unmatched ease of deployment and operation, and innovative flexibility and scalability at a fraction of the cost of traditional data warehouse solutions. By architecturally integrating database, server and storage within a single appliance, the NPS system delivers 10 to 100 times the performance at half the cost of existing systems. Customers who have recognized the benefits of Netezza's approach include Ahold,, CNET Networks, Debenhams, Department of Veterans Affairs, Epsilon, Neiman Marcus, Orange UK, Ross Stores, Ryder System, Inc., The Carphone Warehouse and Virgin Media. Based in Marlborough, Mass., Netezza has offices in Washington, DC, the United Kingdom and Asia Pacific. For more information about Netezza, please visit